Jazz Studies

Rice offers two jazz groups as well as one-on-one classes under the instruction of accomplished jazz musician Danny Kamins. The ensembles operate in a structured, yet personal and flexible setting.  Interested students will be asked to a short, informal interview to place you in the group that best matches your interests, talents, and background.

  • RICE JAZZ ENSEMBLE (MUSI 342 001) Performing Big Band and contemporary jazz, it utilizing full sections of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and rhythm.
  • JAZZ LAB BAND (JAZZ COMBO) (MUSI 342 002)  Its small-group jazz combo style offers each member more opportunities for improvization and solos.

Both bands perform on-campus each semester, including featured annual concerts celebrating Black History Month and Latin Jazz. The bands also benefit from participation by local, professional Jazz artists, providing an invaluable first-hand glimpse into the real world of jazz.

We also offer the one-on-one instruction in jazz improvization.  The improv class is personalized according to the student’s ability on his/her instrument. 


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